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Experience the Thrill: How to Affordably Hire a Supercar in Birmingham

Welcome to Sports Car Hire, where your dream of zooming through Birmingham's streets in a sleek supercar becomes a heart-pounding reality. As the UK's leading provider of sports car and supercar rentals, we're proud to offer an experience that combines luxury, adrenaline, and affordability.

Our Prestigious Fleet

Enthusiasts and aficionados, prepare to be captivated. Our fleet boasts the crème de la crème of automotive engineering from globally celebrated brands. Imagine taking the wheel of a Ferrari or feeling the power of a Lamborghini at your fingertips. Or perhaps the refined elegance of an Aston Martin is more your style?


Feel the Italian passion for speed with our range of Ferraris, each promising an electrifying drive.


Unleash the raging bull within and command the road like never before in a Lamborghini from our collection.

Aston Martin

Channel your inner secret agent and glide through the city in the epitome of British luxury.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Our luxury vehicle fleet extends to include the likes of Rolls Royce, Bentley, and a host of other prestigious marques that define opulence and style.

Rolls Royce

For those seeking timeless elegance, Rolls Royce remains the undisputed choice for any grand occasion.


Bentley's blend of power and luxury ensures an unforgettable journey, whether for business or pleasure.

Our stretch limousines, including the Hummer and Chrysler models, are the perfect addition to your exclusive event, offering space and splendour in equal measure.

Hummer Limousines

Make a statement at your next event with a Hummer limousine, the ultimate showstopper.

Chrysler Limousines

The Chrysler limo brings a touch of American glamour, ideal for making your entrance as grand as the occasion itself.

Catering to Every Occasion

No matter the event, we provide the perfect vehicle to complement it. From weddings and proms to corporate events and VIP transports, our service is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that each experience with us is as memorable as it is luxurious.


Our wedding car hire service promises to add a touch of romance and sophistication to your special day.


Arrive in style and make a lasting impression on your prom night with a vehicle that reflects your personality.

Corporate Events

Impress clients and colleagues alike with a professional yet luxurious transport service.

VIP Transports

We understand the importance of discretion and style for our VIP clients, which is why our service is second to none.

At Sports Car Hire, we pride ourselves on our nationwide coverage. Whether you're in the heart of Birmingham or any other city or town across the UK, we're just a call away.

Affordability and Accessibility

Now, you might wonder – how can I afford to hire a supercar? We've structured our pricing to ensure that these extraordinary vehicles are accessible without compromising on quality or service. For those who meet the age requirements, our self-drive options bring the thrill of the drive within reach, while our chauffeur-driven services offer the luxury of being driven in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the age limit for hiring a supercar for self-drive?

    For self-drive hires, our age limit starts at 25 years old. This ensures both your safety and the vehicle's integrity.

  2. How do I book a supercar?

    Booking is simple. Visit our website, select your desired vehicle, and fill in your details. Our team will handle the rest!

  3. Can I hire a supercar for just a few hours?

    Absolutely! We offer flexible rental durations to suit your schedule.

For those seeking the ultimate driving experience, Sports Car Hire stands as your gateway to luxury, excitement, and unforgettable memories. Connect with us today and let's make your next event one for the history books!

A lifestyle and wedding specialist, Olivia Lewis covers everything from bridal fashion to venue selection. With a love for UK travel, she often combines destination advice with event planning tips.

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