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Top Maintenance Tips for Your Classic Sports Car

At Sports Car Hire, as the UK's premier provider of sports car and supercar rentals, we understand the passion for classic sports cars. Maintaining these magnificent machines in prime condition is essential, not only to ensure their performance but also to uphold their timeless appeal.

Regular Checks and Servicing

Consistent servicing is vital. Whether you're behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB5 or enjoying the thrill of a Ferrari Testarossa, regular oil changes and mechanical inspections will keep your classic purring.

Proper Storage Solutions

When not in use, your classic car should be stored in a dry, cool place. Protecting it from the elements is key to preventing rust and preserving the vehicle's integrity.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean your sports car regularly to maintain its illustrious finish. A Porsche 911 or a Jaguar E-Type, for instance, demands attention to detail to keep its charm.

Our Expansive Fleet of Luxury Vehicles

Aside from classic sports cars, our fleet boasts an array of luxury vehicles. From Rolls Royce hire to the opulent Bentley, we cater to every preference. Our Mercedes S Class, Lexus, and Maybach are perfect for corporate events, while our V-Class and G Wagon offer spacious sophistication.

Stretch Limousine and Party Bus Services

Our stretch limousines, including the Hummer and Chrysler models, complement any red carpet event. Alternatively, our American Lincoln Town Car or 4x4 limos add that extra touch of grandeur.

For Special Occasions

Our services extend to weddings, proms, and even TV productions. We ensure your transport is as memorable as the occasion itself.

Nationwide Coverage

We take pride in our nationwide service, delivering exceptional experiences in every city and town across the UK. Whether you're in London, Edinburgh, or Cardiff, we're there to cater to your luxury transport needs.

SEO Optimisation

Adhering to Google's E-E-A-T guidelines, we strive to provide valuable content for our audience, assisting in their pursuit of the perfect luxury vehicle for their special events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the age restrictions for self-drive hires?

    For self-drive hires, drivers must typically be over the age of 25 with a valid driving licence. However, age restrictions may vary based on the vehicle type.

  • Can I hire a specific vehicle model for my event?

    Yes, you can choose from our extensive range of sports cars and luxury vehicles to find the perfect match for your event.

  • How do I book a vehicle for an event?

    Booking is straightforward. Visit our website and select the vehicle that suits your needs, or get in touch with our team for a personalised service.

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