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Planning a Manchester Wedding? Top Tips for Hiring a Sports Car

Greetings to all you soon-to-be newlyweds! At Sports Car Hire, we understand that your wedding day in Manchester is a pivotal celebration, and we're here to add that touch of grandeur with our fleet of high-performance sports cars and luxury vehicles. Let's dive into how you can make a statement on your special day.

Choosing Your Dream Car

Deciding on the perfect sports car for your wedding isn't just about the ride, it's about the experience. Picture yourself arriving in a Aston Martin, synonymous with style, or perhaps a Ferrari, the embodiment of Italian elegance. Maybe you see yourself behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, making a bold statement as you arrive at your venue. For those who prefer British engineering, a McLaren or a Jaguar might be your choice of chariot. Whichever brand ignites your passion, we have the model to make your heart race.

Our Expansive Luxury Vehicle Fleet

Looking beyond sports cars, we offer a range of luxurious vehicles to suit every preference. Our selection includes the regal Rolls Royce, the stately Bentley, and various models from prestigious brands like Mercedes, Lexus, and Maybach. For larger bridal parties, our stretch limousines, including the striking Hummer and the classic American Lincoln Town Car, offer both space and splendour. And for those who fancy a more distinct experience, our party buses are the ultimate choice.

Self-Drive Restrictions

For the thrill-seekers opting for a self-drive experience, it's crucial to note the age restrictions in place. We want to ensure your safety as well as the pristine condition of our vehicles. Please enquire with our team for the specific requirements tailored to the car of your dreams.

Service Versatility

Our services extend far beyond weddings. Whether it's a prom night, a corporate event, or a music video shoot, we've got the wheels to match your needs. Celebrating an anniversary or planning a surprise birthday treat? Our luxury cars add that special touch. VIP transports, red carpet events, or attending a sporting event? Arrive in style and make a lasting impression.

Nationwide Coverage

Our reach spans the entire UK. Whether you're in a bustling city or a quaint town, our nationwide coverage ensures that we're available to add a touch of luxury to your event, wherever it may be.

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Do I need to pay a deposit to hire a sports car for my wedding?

Yes, a deposit is required to secure your booking. The amount will vary depending on the vehicle chosen.

What driving licence do I need for a self-drive hire?

A full, valid UK driving licence is required for all self-drive hires. Additional criteria may apply based on the vehicle.

Can I hire a car with a chauffeur?

Absolutely, we offer a professional chauffeur service for those who wish to relax and enjoy their special day without the responsibility of driving.

How long can I hire a sports car for my wedding?

Hire durations are flexible, ranging from a few hours to the entire day. Speak with our team to arrange a package that suits your schedule.

At Sports Car Hire, we're more than just a rental service; we're your partners in making memories. For your Manchester wedding, or any other grand event across the UK, choose us for an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary.

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