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Welcome to Sports Car Hire, the UK's most distinguished destination for sports car enthusiasts looking to make a grand entrance at their prom night in Leeds. At Sports Car Hire, we understand the excitement and the importance of finding the perfect ride to complement your style for an unforgettable evening.

Top 5 Sports Cars to Hire for Your Prom Night

Our selection of sports cars is second to none, and we are thrilled to share our top five picks that guarantee an arrival in style:

1. Aston Martin Vantage

Experience the epitome of British elegance with the Aston Martin Vantage. A car that not only turns heads but also offers an exhilarating drive that is perfect for making a statement on your special night.

2. Porsche 911 Carrera

For those who admire precision engineering coupled with classic design, the Porsche 911 Carrera is the ideal choice. Its iconic silhouette is instantly recognizable and will give your prom arrival a touch of timeless sophistication.

3. Ferrari 488 GTB

The Ferrari 488 GTB is the embodiment of Italian flair and performance. Make a bold statement with its striking presence and let the roar of its turbocharged V8 engine announce your arrival.

4. Lamborghini Huracan

For those who dare to stand out, the Lamborghini Huracan's aggressive design and raw power make it a showstopper. Its allure lies in its ability to command attention even before you step out.

5. Audi R8

The Audi R8 blends performance with everyday usability. It's a sports car that offers a sophisticated and comfortable ride, ensuring you arrive at your prom refreshed and ready to celebrate.

While we relish the thrill of self-drive, please note that due to insurance requirements, self-drive hires are restricted to those over a certain age. For our younger clients, our professional chauffeur service offers the same level of luxury and excitement.

Our Expansive Luxury Fleet

Beyond sports cars, our extensive fleet includes the pinnacle of luxury vehicles. Explore our range of Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes for a touch of class, or make a statement with the robust G Wagon. Our luxury limousines, such as the Hummer and Chrysler stretch limos, and the spacious party buses, are perfect for larger groups looking to start the party en route to the prom.

Service Versatility for Every Occasion

Our services extend beyond proms. Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or seeking a VIP transport for a red carpet event, Sports Car Hire provides impeccable options for every occasion. Our diverse range of vehicles is also available for TV and film productions, ensuring that your project is equipped with the perfect mobile backdrop.

We are proud to offer our services nationwide, with availability in every city and town across the UK. Wherever you are, Sports Car Hire is ready to elevate your event with a touch of glamour and excitement.

SEO Optimisation

Our commitment to excellence extends to our online presence. We adhere to Google's E-E-A-T guidelines to ensure that you can find us easily when searching for reliable and luxurious transport options for your special events.


  1. What age do I need to be to hire a sports car for self-drive?

    Due to insurance policies, self-drive hires are typically available to those over 25. However, our chauffeur-driven service is available to all ages.

  2. Do you provide services outside of Leeds?

    Yes, we offer nationwide coverage and can provide luxury car hire services in any town or city across the UK.

  3. How do I book a car for my prom night?

    Booking is simple. Visit our website, select your desired vehicle, and fill in the details of your event. Our team will get in touch to confirm your reservation and any special requests.

At Sports Car Hire, we're not just about cars; we're about creating unforgettable experiences. Allow us to be a part of your story as you arrive in style for a night that promises a lifetime of memories.

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