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Embark on a journey of elegance and adrenaline with Sports Car Hire, the UK's premier destination for sports car and supercar rentals. Our fleet, boasting illustrious brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche, stands ready to add that extra thrill to your special occasions. Whether you're seeking the thrill of self-drive or the luxury of a chauffeur-driven experience, we cater to your every need, while ensuring compliance with age restrictions for self-drive options.

Our Luxury Fleet

At Sports Car Hire, our passion for excellence is showcased in our expansive luxury vehicle fleet. Experience the pinnacle of sophistication with our Rolls Royce selection, the bold elegance of Bentley, or the innovative comfort of Mercedes. Our lineup extends to Jaguar, Lexus, Maybach, and the esteemed Mercedes S Class and V-Class. For those with a taste for adventure, our G Wagon is unrivaled. Additionally, our stretch limousine range includes the likes of Hummer, Chrysler, American Lincoln Town Car, 4x4 limousines, and the ever-popular party bus hire.

Occasions Catered For

At Sports Car Hire, we understand that each event is unique. That's why our services are flexible and versatile, perfect for an array of events including weddings, proms, corporate functions, and red carpet events. Our vehicles have graced music video shoots, TV and film productions, provided VIP transport, and added a touch of luxury to sporting events. No request is too grand or specific for us; we strive to make your dreams a reality.

Nationwide Coverage

Wherever you are in the UK, our services are within reach. Our nationwide coverage ensures that whether you're in a bustling city centre or a quaint town, you'll have access to the ultimate luxury transport experience.

Booking Tips

Age Considerations for Self-Drive

When considering a self-drive hire, it's important to note the minimum age requirements. Please ensure you meet the necessary criteria to enjoy our exceptional vehicles responsibly.

Planning for Your Event

Advance booking is key to securing the perfect car for your special event. We recommend reaching out early to discuss your requirements and to ensure availability.

Choosing Your Vehicle

Each event calls for a different style. Whether you desire the bold statement of a supercar or the understated elegance of a luxury sedan, we have the perfect match for your occasion.

Why Choose Sports Car Hire?

  • Prestigious brands and models to satisfy every car enthusiast
  • Chauffeur-driven and self-drive options tailored to your preferences
  • A diverse fleet that guarantees luxury and style
  • Adaptable services for a broad range of events and special requests
  • Comprehensive coverage across the UK, making us your local yet national choice

Ready to Book?

Join the myriad of satisfied clients who have elevated their events with Sports Car Hire. Connect with us through our contact page and let's discuss how we can make your occasion unforgettable.

Sample of Our Prestigious Fleet
Brand Model Type
Ferrari 488 Spider Supercar
Lamborghini Huracán Supercar
Aston Martin DB11 Sports Car
Porsche 911 Carrera Sports Car
Rolls Royce Phantom Luxury Sedan

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For enquiries, bookings, or to discuss your bespoke requirements, visit our contact page or call our dedicated team. We're here to help you create moments that last a lifetime.

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